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Pre ico: 13.09.17-29.09.17

Ico start: 02.10.17

Ico finish: 17.11.17

B2BX aggregator

B2BX is an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for marginal trading, trading with physical delivery and distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. We are planning to make the first official B2B cryptocurrency exchange-aggregator or marketplace, in which we will connect at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and Stock brokers, and give them the opportunity to provide their clients with the trading in cryptocurrencies.

While the current solutions in the market are focused on retail, B2BX will focus exclusively on institutional clients: stock and crypto-exchanges, Forex and DMA brokers, cryptocurrency brokers and exchangers, hedge funds and other professional market participants. All participants will be controlled by the exchange and financial regulators. B2BX will provide a rating of brokers and will act as a guarantor of reliability for customers who will choose as a broker member of B2BX.

Why cryptocurrency industry needs B2BX aggregator?

Thus, B2BX will give advantages to both: financial institutions and retail customers. In particular, B2B customers will be provided with a depth of market for cryptocurrencies due to the fact that B2BX will unite brokers, exchanges and other financial institutions on one platform. In the same time, retail customers will have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies from any usual broker, stock exchange and exchanger.

B2BX mechanism of action

For development of B2BX aggregator, it will be integrated with the most popular trading platforms, such as MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, PrimeXM Trader, FX Inside, C-Trader through gateways, bridges and open APIs.

To aggregate and distribute cryptocurrency liquidity through more than 1,000 Forex brokers, B2BX will be integrated with PrimeXM and OneZero aggregators.

To aggregate and distribute cryptocurrency liquidity through banks, hedge funds, liquidity providers, B2BX will be integrated with the largest ECN platform - Integral.

B2BX will also be integrated with all other Prime Brokers, Liquidity Providers, Banks, Hedge Funds and top-end cryptocurrency exchanges according to the Coinmarketcap version to get the most full depth of the market for cryptocurrencies.

B2BX Map

Key targets for allocating the project's financing for the next 3 years are presented below. When each goal is achieved, depending on the amount, the final and intermediate goals may change. All the stages include the development of all the previous ones.


  • To get a Japanese license JFSA for legal distribution of liquidity.
  • To open a representative office in Tokyo, Japan.
  • To expand the team: + 1 lawyer, 10 employees to the Japanese office, 10 technical support managers for the liquidity product, 5 PHP developers.
  • For the development of the B2BX aggregator: to develop bridges and gateways to all main trading platforms (MT4, MT5, XStation, C-Trader). To integrate B2BX cryptocurrency aggregator with PrimeXM aggregator.
  • To connect 4 exchanges from the top-10 in terms of trading volumes for the year according to the data of Coinmarketcap and place deposits on the marginal accounts of exchanges with a calculation of 500K EUR per one exchange as margin security for hedging all orders and positions.
  • To host infrastructure in Equinix NY4 and Equinix Tokyo.
  • To integrate Traders Room with more than 20 different payment systems, both fully automatic for deposit and withdrawal.
  • To update the current stand-alone web interface and iFrame for an investment platform and a social trading system for institutional clients.
  • 10% of the amount of crowdsale will be spent to the global marketing support of B2BX.
  • Additionally to get CySEC Market Maker license.
  • To open an office in Limassol, Cyprus.
  • To expand the team: +1 lawyer, +10 employees in the Cyprus office, +5 technical support managers, +5 PHP developers.
  • To integrate B2BX cryptocurrency aggregator with the largest ECN platform INTEGRAL.
  • To connect +4 exchanges from the top 15 in terms of trading volumes for the year according to the data of Coinmarketcap and place deposits on marginal accounts of exchanges with a calculation of 500K EUR per one exchange as margin security for hedging of all orders and positions.
  • To host infrastructure in Equinix London LD4, Shanghai SH1.
  • To integrate Traders Room with more than 10 new payment systems. To integrate it with the most popular 15 trading platforms in the world for all types of brokerage companies. To integrate with the TOP 5 of the world CRM. To develop a mobile app on Android and iOS for the Traders Room. To integrate it with automated compliance services.
  • To implemente electronic signing of documents for regulated companies within the platform for Social Trading.
  • 10% of the amount of crowdsale will be spent on the global marketing support of B2BX.
  • In addition to get FCA Market Maker license.
  • To open an office in London, UK.
  • To expand the team: +1 lawyer, +10 employees to the London office, +5 technical support managers, +5 employees to the IT department (3 new senior developers, 2 engineer architects, 1 administrator) +5 IT staff ( project manager, tester, 2 admins, designer).
  • To integrate B2BX cryptocurrency aggregator with OneZero aggregator.
  • To connect +3 stock exchanges from the top 15 in terms of trading volumes for the year according to the data of Coinmarketcap and place deposits on marginal accounts of exchanges with a calculation of 500K EUR per one exchange as marginal security for hedging all orders and positions.
  • To host infrastructure in Moscow M9, Equinix FR5.
  • To create full-fledged partner module with all kinds of partnership rewards for Traders Room. To integrate all payment gateways with basic cryptocurrencies. PAMM and social trading system implementation in the Traders Room. To develop a cabinet platform for ICO campaigns for quick launch and customization.
  • To develop widgets for calculating the profitability and widgets for drawing up investment portfolios. To integrate platform with all major analytical services with the ability to create a portfolio directly from the platform.
  • 10% of the amount of crowdsale will be spent on the global marketing support of B2BX.
  • Additionally, to get license Hong Kong SFC and DFSA (UAE)
  • To open offices in Hong Kong and Dubai, UAE
  • To expand the team: +3 lawyers, +10 employees to the Hong Kong office, +10 employees to the office in Dubai, +5 technical support managers, +5 employees to the IT department (3 new developers, 2 engineer architects, 1 administrator)
  • To integrate cryptocurrency aggregator B2BX with the largest ECN systems
  • To connect +2 exchanges from the top 20 in terms of trading volume for the year according to the Coinmarketcap data and put deposits on the marginal accounts of the exchanges with calculations of 500K EUR per one exchange as margin security for hedging all orders and positions
  • To host infrastructure in Equinix Hong Kong HK1 and Equinix Dubai DX1
  • To develop and integrate ICO aggregator into the Traders Room. To develop cloud system as SAAS solution, with the opened API and the module for quick installation.
  • Full-fledged rework of stand-alone interfaces and development of a platform for social trading with communication between customers.
  • 10% of the amount of crowdsale will be spent to global B2BX marketing support.
  • Additionally to get an ASIC license.
  • To open an office in Sydney, Australia and in Mainland China.
  • To expand the team: + 1 lawyer, +10 employees to the Australian office, +10 employees to the office in China, +5 technical support managers, +5 PHP developers.
  • To integrate B2BX cryptocurrency aggregator with liquidity providers, the largest Forex/DMA brokers, with Prime brokers and Prime of Prime organizations, to connect to the largest regulated stock brokers.
  • To connect +2 exchanges from the top-20 in terms of trading volumes for the year according to the data of Coinmarketcap and place deposits on marginal accounts of exchanges with a calculation of 500K EUR per one exchange as margin security for hedging of all orders and positions.
  • To host infrastructure in Equinix Sydney SY1 and Equinix Singapore SG1.
  • To integrate Traders Room with all known analytical portals, scoring systems, analytics services. To develop single API and implement in it all popular services and products. To adopt Traders Room to the specific features of each main foreign market.
  • To develop widgets for portfolio investment and widgets of statistics with the support of the calculator of profitability and quotations of benchmarks (gold, indices, crypto-currencies). To create an opened API for the possibility of connection and integration to the platform of any crypto-brokers, stock exchanges, forex brokers, stock market and dma brokerage companies.
  • 10% of the amount of crowdsale will be spent on the global marketing support of B2BX.

ICO structure

Token structure

Token name:
Blockchain platform:
Token standard:
ERC 20
all unsold tokens will be destroyed according to the smart contract
Smart contract:
opened, on the Ethereum blockchain
Token rate:
the price of one token is — 0.63 €
The minimum limit for buying tokens:
Maximum limit for the purchase of tokens:

Targeted funds distribution

All collected funds will be accumulated on a seperately created B2Broker account. The distribution of funds for each stage collected during the ICO is described in detail in the Business Model

B2BX Money Pie

Tokens distribution

  • 40 mln.
    Crowdsale members

  • 5 mln.
    The Company

  • 4 mln.
    The Team

  • 1 mln.
    Bounty program

50 mln.


  • 15%
    First week
  • 10%
    Second week
  • 5%
    Third week
  • 0%
    Fourth week
  • 0%
    All the following weeks

Our team

Our team consists of 35 highly qualified specialists that are located in 3 different countries.

Team Person
Artur Azizov
CEO and Founder
«We are working on B2BX not only because we believe in the commercial success of the project, but also because of the fact that the crypto exchange, where regulated brokers and exchanges will be collected, will be able to solve a number of problems that exist in the cryptocurrency market for large institutional clients and their retail customers around the world.»
Team Person
Evgeniya Mykulyak
«At B2Broker, we can truly call innovation one of our key advantages. We were the first who started to launch cryptocurrency brokers, exchanges and exchangers on a turn-key basis. Since we work in the B2B segment and are young and ambitious, it's natural that our project is first cryptocurrency exchange for B2B customers around the world, which has no analogues in the market.»
Team Person
Vlad Posivenko
«I do not consider Blockchain as a solution of all economic problems but certainly as a very useful tool. I believe in digital cryptoeconomics and I want our work on the B2BX project to contribute its dissemination somehow. The wide spread of technologies almost killed cash on one hand and the anonymity of mutual settlements - on the other hand. I am sure that cryptocurrencies will return what was lost.»
Team Person
Ruslan Khabibullin
Head of Dealing Desk
«I am pleased to participate in the project that will offer quality service in the outdoor growing segment of cryptocurrency. The B2BX project allows to use both already familiar and well-known tools for working with the cryptocurrency liquidity, which make it easy to integrate with any existing services, as well as new systems.»
Team Person
Olga Tkachenko
«Participation in ICO enables B2ВХ project to realize itself and become a full-fledged and the world's first functional marketplace for institutional market players. This can be a profitable investment or the start of own business for the project participants, since it will be possible to buy products of our company and thereby build own business - a cryptocurrency broker or cryptocurrency exchange for B2BX tokens.»
Team Person
Pavel Manzhosov
Head of Legal Department
«Confirming our commitment not to teach you how to build a business, but be your partner in the development of it, the B2Broker team enters the market with an absolutely innovative product that will allow you to be a member of the cryptocurrency market. B2BX is the result of the work of a team of people who believe and know what business needs at this point of time.»

And many others

B2Broker history

  • 2014

    We entered the market with two products: White Label MT4/MT5 and Traders Room for brokers, integrated with MT4 / MT5. Still working on WEB API, B2Bridge. We had office in St. Petersburg, 10 employees, 2 clients.

  • 2015

    We developed first full-fledged CRM-system for brokers together with Microsoft Ukraine – B2Broker Cloud CRM. We expanded the product line, added aggregated liquidity from 3 different liquidity providers (including LMAX), legal and financial services. We represented the company to the fin-tech community on iFXEXPO Cyprus 2015 for the first time. We had two offices in Kiev and St. Petersburg, 15 employees, 5 clients (CIS, Europe).

  • 2016

    We added PAMM/MAM/Social Trading into the product line, upgraded DMA Liquidity by implementing a professional solution based on Integral with the liquidity provider - Swissquote Bank. In addition, we also added liquidity on shares and launched a package offer called «Forex broker turn-key». We redesigned the website and opened head sales/marketing office in Moscow. Finally, we entered the world's market: 21 clients from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Czech Republic. We participated in iFXEXPO Cyprus, iFXEXPO Hong Kong, London Financial Summit, Moscow Fin Expo. 27 employees in the team.

  • 2017

    We created a cryptocurrency aggregator B2BX, added the functionality of crypto-exchangers to our Traders Room product. B2Broker became the first in the world's market who started to launch cryptocurrency solutions. Our customers are the largest companies in the industry from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, United Kingdom. We open backoffice in Hong Kong and local sales offices with support in Chinese and Arabic languages. We participated in iFXEXPO Hong Kong, iFXEXPO Cyprus, Shenzhen Forex Expo, Shanghai Forex Expo, Crypto summits in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We plan to participate in exhibitions in Guangzhou, Beijing, Almaty, London, United Arabic Emirates. We have the idea of turning a cryptocurrency aggregator B2BX into a full-fledged crypto-exchange for institutional clients, a marketplace for accredited and regulated brokerage companies and financial institutes, which will enable the trade in cryptocurrencies for them. We conduct ICO for the B2BX project.

Partners and advisers of the project

All our partners have a stable successful business: they are profitable, regulated and qualified.
We work only with the best in the industry.


Broker technology provider B2Broker has hired industry veteran Peter Leonidou to take on the role of Sales Director of its Cyprus office.
B2Broker has been highly active over the past few months in terms of its overall business and developments. This included the launch of its B2BX project, which was billed as one of the first aggregators of cryptocurrency liquidity. The group also had a successful ICO project launched last fall as well.
Broker technology provider B2Broker, has announced the implementation of a new module into its payments platform. The company is aiming to deliver to its clients a solution that smoothly processes cryptocurrency payments.
The crypto era has resulted in an influx of service providers and investors alike seeking to be part of the crypto scene. Wanting to grasp the opportunity, many brokers and technology providers have quickly launched solutions to enable retail clients to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. Likewise, more and more brokerages have started integrating cryptocurrency instruments into their platforms.
B2BX is an official provider of cryptocurrency liquidity. The company allows its partners to officially receive cryptocurrency liquidity, which is usually not available for companies that work in particular sectors, including banking. To develop this project, B2BX is carrying out an ICO. Raised investments will be used for obtaining licenses, opening local offices, connecting cryptocurrency exchanges and other purposes.
With a total market capitalization of US$143 billion, the crypto market is expanding constantly. Despite all its problems, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to its expansion. However, today’s cryptocurrency exchanges must also function as brokers and exchangers.
B2BX project – the first aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity – has become one of the most successful ICO projects launched this fall. Within just ten days, the team has managed to gain €1.0 million, while finishing the round two days before the end of closing its sales. In total, the project has already raised over €6.0 million and is getting ready for a hard cap in €25.0 million.
B2Broker launches the first official B2B cryptocurrency exchange-aggregator to connect at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and Stock brokers and give them the opportunity to provide their clients with the trading in cryptocurrencies. One of the main problems of banking and financial professionals is that they do not have direct access to cryptocurrency. Both legislative and technical limitations exist here.
In order to resolve this problem B2Broker launched B2BX, an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for margin trading and exchange trading, as well as for liquidity distribution for brokers.
Cryptocurrencies can now be purchased not only on a crypto exchange but also at a Forex broker terminal. Evgeniya Mikulyak, COO of B2Broker and Head of the project B2BX, comments on why representatives of the Forex business now need pairs based on Bitcoin and Ethereum, and why ICO may be necessary. If Forex brokers fail to strengthen their lines with crypto products, the clients will leave for other companies. Cryptocurrencies are the new Forex, and this has to be taken into account. So far, we have connected 15 broker companies to our aggregator. Those include both the market’s new arrivals, such as Strato and NextGen, which single out the access to crypto instruments as a separate marketing advantage, and the global industry leaders, such as FxPro.
B2BX.pro Project, which is about to pass the 6-million-euro threshold, announced the completion of its audit of the B2BX token value, whose goal is to increase the token’s attractiveness to investors. The company announced several key points regarding the functionality of the B2BX utility-token: – Since January 2018, B2BX platform commission can only be paid in tokens. Thus, the increase in the number of the B2BX platform participants will lead to the increase in the trade volume and in the total amount of commission paid. The participants will need to buy tokens from the market, ensuring the organic demand.
In today’s market there are a few options for launching an initial coin offering (ICO) – you can do everything on your own, bring in outside consultants, or engage a team that have already launched their projects. However, each of the options has its pros and cons.
The capitalization of the crypto market has already totaled $143 billion. The market is expanding constantly, and despite all the problems, there do not seem to be any limits to this expansion so far. At present, cryptocurrency exchanges have to function as an exchange proper, and also as a broker and an exchanger. As a result, despite all the growth dynamics, the cryptocurrency market is not developing as fast as one might desire. For comparison, consider the good old Forex which is regulated by the laws in various countries. Currently, there are 8 thousand Forex brokers in the world. The operations of the ten major brokers total $15 billion per day. Thus, the daily turnover of just one broker out of the top ten exceeds the total turnover of the most popular crypto exchanges. Those instruments can be used at any time; they are regulated, have been in circulation since long ago so that the market has had time to adapt, and accordingly, there exists quite a wide ecosystem of applications necessary for the work in that area.
More and more foreign exchange (FX) brokers have been integrating cryptocurrency instruments into their platforms. Indeed, the present popularity and growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum onto industry trading offerings constitute a standard, more so than a bonus for advanced traders.
B2BX token is a solution to cryptocurrency market problems. It provides a platform for financial institutions and other financial players for trading. It is the first official B2B cryptocurrency platform that brings together at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and stockbrokers giving their clients an opportunity to do cryptocurrency trading. B2BX will act as a bridge that will bring together brokers, exchanges, and other financial institutions on one platform. B2BX will solve the problem of market regulation since its exchange and financial regulators will control all its participants which consists mainly of institutional exchanges. B2BX will give its broker members a surety by giving a rating of brokers and acting as a guarantor of reliability to the customers. Long compliance process will be solved by giving its members an opportunity to sign a contract and get a marginal account as well as three types of liquidity. Apart from cryptocurrency liquidity, B2BX will provide a market for cryptocurrencies as well as bring all brokers to one marketplace.
The CEO of B2Broker and the B2BX project Artur Azizov spoke at Blockchain Life on September 26 in St. Petersburg with the topic "How do crypto-exchange exchanges, exchangers, brokers and crypto-currency liquidity." A small photoreport is attached.
Unlike most of the startup companies in the cryptocurrency space, B2BX turns a major focus on businesses. B2BX offers an aggregator service for brokerage companies, adding cryptocurrency trading to their portfolio.
Unlike many companies that are launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), B2BX has an already working product, which includes basic functionality and connectors to five cryptocurrency exchanges along with 12 institutional clients. The organization developed a three-way plan, in which they will operate a physical delivery exchange, marginal trading and a cryptocurrency exchange (for other cryptocurrencies). B2BX’s objective is to develop an aggregator in the marketplace for institutional clients where only those participants can operate who were previously approved by B2BX. All participants will be controlled by the exchange and financial regulators. To provide reliability for the retail customers, B2BX will provide a rating for all of the brokers.
With the valuation of cryptocurrencies moving at lightning speed, it is less clear for investors how exactly to enter the crypto market quickly and at a fair price. To help accomplish this feat, B2Broker will be undergoing an ICO on October 2, 2017 to drive the development of its landmark project, tapped B2BX. B2BX will aim to become a comprehensive marketplace for regulated and certified brokers that combines Bitcoin trading with existing retail forex trading solutions.
This new B2BX exchange-aggregator will give broker’s customers the access to comprehensive information of listing participants and cryptocurrency trading through usual trading terminals, where a trader will be able to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw the profit in cryptocurrency from trading accounts of brokers. “Now institutional customers have to aggregate the liquidity bit by bit, and we give the fullest market depth and volume for selling and buying. Fiat market has everything under control now, but the cryptocurrency space is just starting to be discovered,” comments Arthur Azizov, the CEO of B2Broker.
The developed by B2Broker cryptocurrency exchange may resolve not only this problem, but many others including the issues of regulation and software development aiming to facilitate the integration with any broker or exchange system.
What's very important, the B2BX product is ready, and is at the testing stage, meaning it has all the basic functions as well as connectors to 5 cryptocurrency exchanges. Right now 12 customers already work with the product!
Newcomers are strengthening their positions in the financial markets: the crypto currencies are taking their places among the products of broker companies and in portfolios of investors and speculators. What is going on in the market of Bitcoin and Ethereum, can a classic trader profit on that and how to open your crypto business, comments Artur Azizov, B2Broker CEO.
The cryptocurrencies boom forced analysts to talk about bubbles, and late “miner” to buy up video cards. Meanwhile, many people have already earned enough money on the trend: someone did it on the appreciating prices, and someone, as in case with nVidia, profited on the growing demand for related issues.
What is going on in the market of Bitcoin and Ethereum, can a classic trader profit on that and how to open your crypto business, comments Artur Azizov, B2Broker CEO.
Today, there are already about 200 cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers in the world. And it is not a limit has been reached yet. So, what if the next stage of the crypto market evolution is the boom of cryptocurrency exchanges. If so, how can we profit on that? Perhaps open your own exchange.
It’s amazing how the financial technologies penetrated the mainstream perception. For example, blockchain has long been just a technology behind Bitcoin. But in 2016 everything has changed, as many companies realized its potential to transform financial industry. And in 2017, its popularity is gaining momentum.
This new platform is meant to give customers of regulated and certified brokers access to listing participants and cryptocurrency trading via traditional trading terminals where they will be able to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency from trading accounts.
There is nothing of its kind in the cryptocurrency market. B2Broker is planning to launch B2BX – the first cryptocurrency exchange for institutional customers. It will become a marketplace for regulated and certified brokers.
Crypto liquidity from B2Broker offers to brokers six popular cryptocurrencies at once. The list includes bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, peercoin and namecoin.
The liquidity in crypto market has shown a rapid rise this year. The number of new currencies is growing, driving the mass popularity not only of the most famous currencies like Bitcoin, but also of those you haven’t heard about just a couple of years ago.
Cryptocurrencies finally made everybody talk about it. This asset class is so popular that it's even used for trolling one of the most famous and influential figures in financial world.
Since the start of 2017 Bitcoin , the most popular cryptocurrency, surged three times to the peak $2,889 reached on June, 12. It means that even if you were not smart and proactive enough to buy it at $200 in 2015, you could still have earned 312 per cent, if you bought it in January. If your investment was $1,000 you would have had $3,120 by now.
I have to disappoint you – you have little chances to earn maximum profit on crypto currency. Just because the most popular of them have already made from 300% to 5,500% since the start of the year. And it looks like the market took a pause.
Company launched a “turnkey” solution for cryptocurrency broker, offering the cryptocurrency trading through MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5.
B2Broker offers the building of your own cryptocurrency exchange. B2Broker helps to build cryptocurrency exchanger – trader’s room, where customers can exchange its money into cryptocurrency. B2Broker offers cryptoliquidity for any trading terminals (MT4, MT5, etc.).

Meet us

We are active participants of all local and international exhibitions,
conferences and meetups in fintech and blockchain industry

Upcoming Events where you can meet our representatives

  • December '17
    1-3 Shanghai International Money Fair / Shanghai, China /
    13-14 IFINEXPO / Shenzhen, China /
  • January '18
    8 Dubai International Blockchain Summit 2018 / UAE, Dubai /
    23-25 iFX EXPO Asia 2018 / China, Hong Kong /
  • March '18
    21-23 Asia Trading Summit 2018 / China, Shanghai /
  • April '18
    3-4 Deconomy 2018 / Korea, Seoul /
  • May '18
    14-16 Consensus 2018 / USA, New York /
    22-24 iFX EXPO International 2018 / Cyprus, Limassol /
    28-29 BlockShow Europe 2018 / Germany, Berlin /


  1. Register in the web wallet (personal ICO cabinet) on the official website- ICO.b2bx.pro.
  2. In the personal ICO cabinet, you will be asked to create a private key for opening your personal Ethereum blockchain Wallet. You should simply – Enter a phrase and click “create”.
  3. After step 2, you will receive private keys to the web-wallet via Email (NOTE:-we do not store anything on our side, so make sure you save them properly, otherwise we will not restore them).
  4. Next, web-wallet will offer you the option to buy tokens using one of the 6 available cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash).
    After you pick cryptocurrency of your choice, click “send”, copy the address provided in paragraph 3 and send.
  5. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, smart contract immediately sends you B2BX tokens for the amount of the cryptocurrency you send. You will be able to see them on your Web Wallet address and check them through the Ethereum browser (Etherscan.io).
  6. At the end of the ICO, tokens can be withdrawn to your Ethereum's wallet or you can store them on the WebWallet in your personal ICO cabinet (NOTE: no one can withdraw/ transfer tokens without you)

The first two reasons are a high commission and a rapid increase of interest, and as a consequence the volume of trades and those wishing to invest in crypto assets.
If we check the margin in the commission for the euro-dollar from a Forex broker, then we can say that it is not high. The commissions are so low, because the market is oversaturated and is characterized by high competition. In the Forex market, brokers earn on volumes, not on commissions. If we talk about the cryptocurrency market, then the commissions are so high that brokers can earn decent amounts simply on commissions without any additional services.
For example: if we check the average 15 exchanges on the market, then we will see that standard commission varies from 0.2 to 0.5%. The average turnover on exchanges is $500,000.000 per day. If we were to multiply this by an average 0.3%, then for every 100 million brokerage, company can earn 300,000 dollars per day. These are volumes without leverage.
Many crypto-exchanges began to offer marginal trading, and they will soon begin to increase their leverages, but the commission will not be greatly reduced.
Should the broker include cryptocurrency liquidity if to rely on these facts?
We think so:
1. High commission
2. Trading on cryptocurrencies is rapidly gaining momentum; the number of interested is growing
3. It is investment-attractive for traders and investors
4. Broker has a possibility to expand its trade products, and, as a result, to increase client's portfolio
5. Competition is low, the market is not oversaturated
Thus, it is very profitable for each broker to connect cryptocurrency liquidity right now.
B2BX will be the first B2B exchange-aggregator focused exclusively on professional market players and institutional clients, such as: banks, exchanges, brokers and hedge funds.

Since B2BX tokens are not equity tokens, nor analogue of shares/promissory note/securities, and the B2BX project does not guarantee payment of any dividends/profit/other passive income to B2BX tokens holders, the issue of obligatory redemption of B2BX tokens from holders is not relevant. The issue of redemption of tokens will be reviewed by the company after the finish of the ICO. This is due to the need to analyze ICO and its results for further business planning and making adjustments to the business plan. At the moment, the company does not provide any guarantees or any kind of assurances regarding the possible redemption of tokens from holders. If the decision is made to start a buy-to-buy campaign, all the necessary information, including financial conditions and the campaign procedure, will be posted on the official website of the project. The company reserves the right not to redeem tokens in the absence of expediency of this action. In addition, after successful completion of ICO, it will be possible to use B2Broker products and services paying with B2BX tokens, which eliminates the need to redeem tokens.

We already have more than 40 institutional clients, including Mex Exchange, FxPro, JFD Brokers, Halifax and many other industry leaders who have been working with us for several years, and every day the number of our customers grows. We have a good image in the industry. All our products work and we present a real business. You can also meet our employees at various exhibitions and conferences of fin-tech industry, and you can talk to our top management. We do not hide the address of our office; all the information is on our website and is completely real. We have been working for more than three years and have proved ourself as a reliable partner.

  1. After the ICO finish, the B2BX token will be freely traded on all crypto-exchanges, which we create as part of the service "Crypto-exchange turnkey" (already implemented for 5 clients), with each new exchange geography will expand, and the number of traders and investors will grow.
  2. After the ICO finish, the B2BX token will be traded through marginal liquidity from all brokers who receive B2BX liquidity via the FIX API. According to our Roadmap, we plan to connect more than 200 brokerage companies by the end of 2018, with an average turnover of several tens of billions of US dollars and more than 5 million of the total active customer base, which means that the volume of B2BX token trade will grow exponentially with each new broker or any other institutional client.
  3. After the end of the ICO, the B2BX token will be traded on several major exchanges, included in the top 15 by CoinMarketCap data. Most often after tokens are added to the largest crypto-exchanges, the price of the token grows, as the level of trust in these companies in the crypto-industry is quite high and in fact community recognizes the token as a liquid asset.
  4. Liquidity on B2BX token will be spread through the main aggregators (Integral, Prime XM, OneZero). In fact, this means that we potentially obtain collectively about 1000 brokerage companies of various types, and our liquidity will be distributed to several tens of millions of retail customers. The B2BX token will be added to the largest aggregators of the crypto-industry. Liquidity on it will be broadcast to all institutional customers of the aggregator, and those, in turn, will broadcast the opportunity to trade B2BX tokens to hundreds of thousands of retail customers.
  5. The part of B2BX tokens will be distributed between the members of our team, and won't be available for trading on the secondary market within six months from the end of the ICO. Thus, we plan to cover the risk of the loss of value of the token. Conversely, tokens intended for the company's purposes will be saved for the purpose of listing on crypto-exchanges and maintaining liquidity in the market.
  6. After the ICO finish, it will be possible to use products and services, specified in B2Broker Product and Service list. This will be beneficial to the holders of tokens, since with the growth of the price of the token, for the participants this means a decrease in the cost of services for the amount of the growth of token's value.
  7. The team's experience in the financial markets of exchanges, trading, brokerage and liquidity is more than 10 years, so we know how to create volatility and liquidity for the asset. Accordingly, there is a potential opportunity to earn simply by buying our tokens during the ICO and selling them more expensively in the secondary market.

We pay attention to the fact that the assumption of the growth of the B2BX token exchange rate given above is exclusively our professional opinion, and is not a promise of such growth, a promise of profit or offer to invest.

Unfortunately, we do not work with citizens of the United States and Singapore. In accordance with our policies, regulations and conditions, citizens of these countries cannot take part in the crowdfunding program.

From a legal point of view, we are conducting a crowdfunding campaign. We are a real business and fall under fines and penalties of regulators in prohibited jurisdictions is not included in our plans. We will execute each item described in the White Paper and the Road Map on time, and we will do our best to satisfy the interests of the participants of the crowdsale. We are working successfully for more than 3 years; we have a team and offices and we are not a company of one project. Also, the additional issue of tokens is strictly prohibited according to the smart contract; emission of tokens and the enrollment on the Web Wallet of the members of the crowdsale are strictly regulated by an open smart contract.

The South Korean license is quite localized and complicated because of the local legislation. The company from the outside cannot practically get permission, since there are actually no specific licensing norms – the local regulator reviews and issues point-to-point permits.
On the other hand, the Japanese license can be received by any local company, including companies with foreign shareholders. Anyway, there are specific rules and regulations that should be observed when applying and in the future work.
Japan is the first country that legalized bitcoin as a means of payment, as well as the first country where the first official crypto-exchange started to operate. To date, about 50 companies have already applied for this particular license. Our plan is to be the 51st company.
Japanese company with a license will allow to legally exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies with physical delivery of BTC and ETH and vice versa.

In Singapore (at the moment) there is no specific license, specific rules and regulations for the exchange of fiat money. So far only Japan and South Korea allow this. When Singapore introduces clear rules and regulations concerning the exchange of fiat money for cryptocurrencies, we will consider the option of obtaining a Singapore license, but for now, under the jurisdiction of Singapore, we will be able to provide our institutional clients with a service for the exchange of cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency.

We focus exclusively on B2B customers, which is why our company is called B2Broker – Business to Broker. Our motto "We do not teach you how to create business, we build it together with you" is focused on the fact that all our clients are actually our partners. Our business model is to create an ecosystem and infrastructure that allows large institutional clients to focus on customer service, while we in turn focus exclusively on technology development, infrastructure maintenance and technical support. Thus, we fully share the functions with our customers/partners and everyone can exclusively deal with own direction.

No, we consider this an unnecessary adjustment. In fact, this is an external service that runs on data from the outside, which is not applicable to all projects.

In case the BTC is credited to the wallet of the project after the actual end of the ICO, it will be returned to the sender's wallet at the current exchange rate without conversion. In case 1 BTC is credited into the wallet of the project after the ICO finish, 1 BTC will be sent to the wallet of the sender without any binding to the exchange rate at the time of sending the BTC to the wallet of the project. In order to avoid such cases, we recommend to place commission for processing the payment sufficient for prompt processing, taking into account the timing of the ICO.
A similar process can be applied to any other cryptocurrency.

Analysis and calculation of future profits for the specified period will be possible after the end of the ICO when we'll have actual results of ICO and will achieve one of our five goals. Potential indicators of profit growth are indicated in the Business Model, and methods in the Road Map, which you can view in our White Paper.

We are working on legal scheme in which all the collected funds will be placed into the fund and further this fund will establish a subsidiary company, which will issue an investment loan. The external management company will manage the subsidiary. Thus, the fund raised funds, transferred them to the subsidiary company, and the management company is engaged in business development.
Each legal entity will perform strictly its function with a maximum control and purpose of financing. With this model, we can always make a profit return back.

First, there is no analogue to our product in the world's market. We are the first who have developed a global ecosystem of aggregation and distribution of cryptocurrency liquidity. In addition, we already have a pool of customers who use our IT solutions. Moreover, they are rather large players with a world-wide name, but some of them refuse to buy our main product (liquidity) even they like its functionality so much because of lack of licensing from our side.
Secondly, by developing a cryptocurrency licensed exchange-aggregator for the B2B segment, we will bring to it the blockchain industry to those who already work with us for Forex direction and those who just heard about us from the industry. Qualitative cryptocurrency liquidity is necessary for all professional market participants and brokerage companies. Finally, our marketing strategy, which is described in the White Paper, includes all the necessary items for attracting new customers and developing the client base of 700+ institutional clients in the next few years.

There won't be any maximum limit for buying tokens during the ICO. The minimum volume is 10 tokens. Bonuses and discounts at the Pre ICO stage - 35%, at the ICO stage - first week 15%, second week 10%, third week 5%, fourth and fifth weeks - 0%.
Detailed conditions are described in the White Paper in "Terms of sale of B2BX tokens".

Since we are working all over the world, in the B2B field of business we are faced with the fact that for many clients who create an essentially online business, it is nevertheless very important to have live meetings, shake hands and so on. The office always serves as a certain guarantor of security for clients, especially when it comes to large companies.
Moreover, to conduct training in products, our clients need to fly to Moscow, or we need to fly to them. If it is a matter of a few hours, we are ready at any time, but it's quite another thing when customers have to fly from Hong Kong, Malaysia or any other distant country. In this case, we just need to have several regional client offices. For example, our representative in China has already connected 5 Chinese customers since January and many are still in the process of signing contracts. Therefore, if we open full-fledged regional offices, we can attract at least 4-5 new customers from each regional office each month.
In addition to all of the above, we are going to get several licenses in different regions; all of regulators require the physical offices, local stuff and local directors.

The minimum lath is the equivalent of 5 million euros. If this amount will not be collected, we return all collected funds back to the wallets of the participants of the crowdsale.

We have been working for more than three years on the market, and so far everything that we declared, we have implemented and we are not going to change our approach. First and foremost, it is in our interest to implement everything according to the Roadmap, since we analyzed, planned and compiled Roadmap. All projects and tasks in the Roadmap are the result of the accumulated need for each of them. We will implement all the goals in any case, but if the ICO will be successfully held and the goal will be achieved, we will be able to do it much faster, and at the same time we will help all our partners and participants of crowdsale to earn and succeed.

One of the main features of our B2BX idea is that we bring to the market not just an idea on a paper, but a working prototype with the institutional clients working in live mode. The concept has been working successfully for several years and tested on Forex/DMA/Stock Brokers. Now we have implemented it in the crypto-industry and plan to develop it to a global scale.
At the moment, our product line has 9 products and all of them are already used by our customers. This is the liquidity for Forex, Stock, Crypto; Traders Room; Social Trading platform; White Label of trading platforms; Crypto-exchange turnkey; Crypto-broker turnkey; Forex broker turnkey; B2Bridge; aggregators; legal and technical support. A detailed description of each product can be found in the B2Broker Product and Service list.

Payments will be made within a week after the end of the ICO.

We plan to list our tokens on several major exchanges within a month after the ICO finish.